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What is
We are a unique roommate service that matches active seniors and high achieving college students for mutually beneficial living arrangements.
I’m an older adult with grown children. Why would I want someone in my house again?
You still have something to give. Now more than ever, young people need to experience your understanding, example, and grace. There are also practical concerns. Renting a room to a college student gives you someone reliable to help around the house, help offset the mortgage and utility bills, and keep you active.
I’m a college student. Why would I want to live with a senior?

College can be a time for self-discovery. But why not live with a wise mentor who could help you along the way? You might miss out on a few keg parties. However, you gain an enduring friendship where you get as much as you give – not to mention you’ll have a quiet place to study when it really counts.

How does this website work?

Join to create your profile and login. Browse through the profiles to find a roommate. Once you found some good candidates, subscribe to send and receive e-mail from your matches. Our suite of online tools will help you interview and negotiate a contract with your prospective roommate.

How much does it cost?
Membership is free. Join and login to get access to thousands of searchable profiles to find your perfect roommate. Signup to our subscription service is free until March 1, 2012. After that, it’s $15 a month to communicate with other members.
Why should I use
We are the only roommate matching service designed to address the housing needs of seniors and students. Seniors are looking for affordable, in-home assistance. Students are looking for affordable, safe, housing options. We bring you together in a safe, online environment.
What do I include on my profile?
Use the “hobbies” and “interests” sections of the profile to talk about your interests and living habits. Are you an early-riser or a night-owl? Are you neat and orderly or do you prefer a little clutter? Are you social or do you like to be left alone? Don’t forget to fill out the favorite sites, music, films, and book sections. They help you bond with potential roommates over shared interests.
Ok, I found some potential roommates. How do I talk to them?
Click on the envelope icon at the top left of the page to check your e-mail, as well as send and receive e-mails to potential matches.
Do you keep my information private?
Members can’t see your personal e-mail, address, or telephone number during searches. Use discretion when providing this information to potential roommates.
How long does my membership stay active?
Your membership is active as long as you need the service. Don’t forget to deactivate your membership once you found a roommate. Good luck!
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