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Welcome! is a free roommate finder and roommate search service that pairs college students with older adults for shared living arrangements in dozens of cities across the country.

Seniors, imagine living in a vibrant home, where you have help around the house and good company from time to time.

College students, wouldn't it be nice to live in a quiet place without beer cans and pizza boxes strewn everywhere? And your parents won't freak out because you are living off campus.

We created a singular solution that addresses both sets of challenges simultaneously.

Unlike other roommate services, is about more than just renting a room. It’s about fostering strong relationships, preparing for future success, and sharing the wisdom that each has to offer.

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Success Examples

“I had a really bad day. My laptop crashed three times. I barely passed a biology exam, which could jeopardize my scholarship. And my girlfriend announced that she wanted to‘try new things’ after dating since freshman year.

Annie was there when I got home. She’s about my grandma’s age. I told her what happened. At first, she just listened to me. Then, she told me what it was like to raise two children on her own while her husband went off to war. Suddenly, my day didn’t feel so bad anymore.”

--Daniel, 19


“My wife died two years ago and the home we shared together seemed so empty. I have friends, but they either live with their kids or in a retirement home. My kids check on me and my grandkids call when they can. But it’s not enough.

When I decided to rent a room to Jared, a struggling college student, my friends and family thought I went crazy. But I have someone to help me fix things around the house and a little company in the evenings. It’s not so bad. Now if only we could improve Jared’s golf game and his taste in women.”

--George, 67

“College is hard enough without finding a place to live. The dorms are full. Student housing is expensive and crowded and apartments in my price range are too far away from campus.

But then I found a room to rent with Delores. She’s always there for me and I like to think I make her life a little brighter too. I study when I need to, go out with friends, and best of all I have someone to share my adventures with.”

--Kaitlin, 21


“They say you’re as old as you feel. I feel younger, but friends my age all have one foot in the retirement home and the other foot in the grave. I still want to experience life, to live every day to its fullest. But sometimes it’s hard to live alone.

I talked it over with my children and we decided to rent the spare bedroom. That’s how I found Amanda. She’s like family. We talk. We laugh. She introduces me to new things. Thanks to her, I learned to skype with my grandson studying in India.”

--Jean, 72

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